Research Directors

Levi Baker



B.A., Psychology, Marquette University, 2004

M.S., Clinical Psychology, Marquette University, 2007

Ph.D., Social Psychology, Florida State University, 2014

In his limited free time, Levi enjoys following college basketball and football, exploring our country's fine cities, and spending time with his brilliant and beautiful wife. He also enjoys plenty of embarrassing television shows, playing video games, and is a huge music fan (check out some recent shows I've been to!). Finally, despite not having kids, he is slowly turning into a suburban dad by caring entirely too much about his lawn, grilling, and rocking white New Balances.

Michelle Russell


B.A., Psychology, University of Tennessee, 2007
M.A., Experimental Psychology, University of Tennessee, 2010
Ph.D., Social Psychology, Florida State University, 2015

When she’s not focusing on teaching and research, Michelle continues her slow progression toward becoming one of the Golden Girls by attempting to revive the underappreciated art of cross-stitching, making up ridiculous songs with her husband to sing to their cat, and perfecting her cooking skills (although she’s still working on her cheesecake recipe).


Graduate Students

Ashlyn Brady

B.A., Psychology, Christopher Newport University, 2016

Ashlyn is a first year graduate student in the close relationships lab. Ashlyn’s research interests include devaluing attractive alternatives and relationship well-being. In her spare time, Ashlyn enjoys practicing yoga, cooking (and more importantly, eating), and watching videos of yawning bunnies.

Lab Photos


From left to right:

  • Melanie Burnett

  • Mariah Orange

  • Michelle Russell

  • Christian Cagle

  • Kristen Lamb

  • Ashlyn Brady

  • Levi Baker


From left to right:

  • Ashlyn Brady

  • Kayla Cheek

  • Haley Penk

  • Christian Cagle

  • Rachel Dimaio

  • Emily Paschal

  • Levi Baker