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Current people

Former Graduate Students

Ashlyn Brady

B.A., Psychology, Christopher Newport University, 2016

M.A., Experimental Psychology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2019

Ashlyn is a PhD student in the close relationships lab. Her research interests meet at the intersection of romantic relationships and sexuality, and she is especially interested in understanding the darker sexual experiences people encounter in their romantic relationships, such as unwanted sexual behavior and infidelity. In her spare time, Ashlyn enjoys snuggling up with her loving pit bull, cooking (and more importantly, eating), and having game nights with friends.


Riley Redd

B.A., Psychology, Christopher Newport University, 2020

Riley is a masters student in the close relationships lab. Her research interests lie in the dyadic nature of relationships - especially examining partner perceptions of attractive alternatives. In her spare time, Riley enjoys soaking up the Outer Banks sun, feeding her bunny entirely way too many treats, and winning every game her family plays together.

Former (and Maybe Some Current) Lab Members



Research Assistants:

  • Caroline Fiorella

  • Chyna Douglas

  • Asha Moore

  • Madison Lattimore

  • Sidney Meadows

  • Halie Pearson

  • Shayla Moore

  • Ja'Dae Richbow



Research Assistants:

  • Halie Pearson

  • Asia Spruill

  • Valerie Zelaya Aleman

  • Zachery Barnes

  • Madeline Rodriguez

  • Krystal Lamb

  • Shay'La Moore

  • Breanna Meadows

  • Sophia Cross

  • Heather-Christi Hawkins



Research Assistants:

  • Ti-Ana Pyatt

  • Madelyn Church

  • Emily Foster

  • Christian Cagle

  • Krystal Lamb

  • Logan Stiles

  • Abigail Panz

  • Amanda-Joi Guthrie

  • Alyssa Thetford



From left to right:

  • Melanie Burnett

  • Mariah Orange

  • Michelle Russell

  • Christian Cagle

  • Kristen Lamb

  • Ashlyn Brady

  • Levi Baker

Lab alumni


From left to right:

  • Ashlyn Brady

  • Kayla Cheek

  • Haley Penk

  • Christian Cagle

  • Rachel Dimaio

  • Emily Paschal

  • Levi Baker

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